Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Abortion: An Important Issue in 2008 Election

Largely forgotten in the most public, scrutinized election ever will be the issue of abortion. Or so the media like to think.

According to Students For Life,

To hear the mainstream news media tell it, the only issue really in play in the 2008 Presidential election is the war in Iraq. And, lest the voting public forget, the media are quick to report each casualty, mishap, and difficulty in Baghdad as mounting evidence for an immediate and unqualified U.S. troop withdrawal. What you’re not hearing about is an issue that is likely to have a decisive impact on the Presidential race: abortion. That’s right — the issue the media hate to talk about is still important to a vast number of voters.

Also this week, CNN has the statistics to prove it! LifeNews.com reports that 50% of Americans consider themselves pro-life and 45% consider themselves to be "otherwise". In regards to the upcoming 2008 election , "51 percent said abortion was important with 27 percent saying it is extremely important and 24 percent saying it's very important."

I think the numbers speak for themselves! About half of America stands against abortion and the 2008 election will be a time for these folks to show their strength and prowl. Sadly, many promising candidates are not pro-life. But on the Republican side, John McCain and Mitt Romney are loudly pro-life and promising contenders. They will have a long fight ahead of them though.

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