Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chinese Child Abuse: Swimming Lessons?

China will host the 2008 Summer Olympics this year-- a high recognition for a country embattled in human rights abuses.

As of late, China has been struggling with a different kind of abuse. No, it's not religious or political persecution. It's a form of child abuse and exploitation: over-zealous sports training.

A 10 year old Chinese girl swam in a river for three hours with her hands and feet bound. Her parents watched from land as she struggled in what her parents called "training. Swimming lessons? Hardly! A parent who wants to see a Chinese swimming victory should get in the pool himself!

In June, a Chinese Olympic firm that makes products for the upcoming games event admitted to using child labor! China is up to its neck in wrong-doing allegations which infringe on basic human rights. Does this mighty country deserve the Olympics? No-- it's people deserve a massive revamp of the right to unexploited life.

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