Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reports Of Torture Leave Lasting Stain On Bush Administration

Who Has Betrayed Us? (by Brian McLaren)

I remember about eight years ago when then presidential candidate George W. Bush repeatedly claimed that he would restore honor to the presidency, soiled as it had been by our previous president's infamous affair. I remember hoping he would succeed. But a new kind of shame has come to the office and to our nation as reports surface about our government's secret authorization of torture. We all share in this shame.

As I continue to see on the news more and more stories of torture and needless violence (in Iraq and otherwise), I begin to feel a deep and groaning shame. I voted for President George W. Bush because he promised to get rid of abortion. I was a single-issue Evangelical voter. I'm a bit smarter now. I know that Bush hasn't kept that promise, but has blood on his hands of many more unforseen lives. The death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan continues to mount, all while Americans continue to wonder why we are over there. We have become disenchanted with the War on Terror, to say the least. There is continued torture and illegal holding taking place at Guantanamo Bay. Those "prisoners" have a right to a fair and speedy trial. They don't deserve to be tortured, and certainly without charges brought against them. American companies are making a lot of money off the war in Iraq.

All the while I can see more and more everyday people like me wondering WHY. This is not the way it is supposed to be. God help our nation to see that.

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Iggy said...

It's so refreshing to see an Evangelical Christian brave enough to post this point of view.

The obvious incongruity between Bush's anti-abortion and pro-war positions has been glaring to me (a rational agnostic) from the very moment of his decision to invade Afghanistan and incredibly odd decision to illegally invade Iraq.

Thank you for your honesty. May other Evangelical Christians have the insight and courage you have shown!

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