Thursday, November 29, 2007

Abortion Clinic WILL Be Investigated

If a Kansas abortion clinic has nothing to hide an investigation will prove that. Today the Kansas Supreme Court in Topeaka, KS, rejected the attempt by an abortion provider to stop a grand jury investigation of a Wichita clinic. This means that abortion advocate and provider agency Planned Parenthood will be investigated by a grand jury on Dec. 10.

George Tiller, an abortionist at Women's Health Care Services, is suspected "of breaking state laws on late-term abortion. Kansas is one of few states that allow citizens to prompt grand juries through a petition," reports the Kansas City Star. Tiller tried to stop an investigation by calling it "harassment" but the investigation will go on. Late-term abortion is now allowed in Kansas past 21 weeks, unless the life of the mother is in seriously compromised.

Planned Parenthood must think it is above the law or something. Tiller's useless appeal was a time-waster and probably a distraction and time-buyer. If citizens have real concerns and want the place investigated it should be. Should it have nothing to hide it will be pronounced cleared of the charges.

One of the problems with the abortion laws these days is that very few records are kept. Medical records are important and should be kept up-to-date. There is quite a danger in lax abortion record keeping because of the health dangers posed to women. If I get my tires on my car rotated or my teeth cleaned at the dentist, it goes into a registry and it kept on a permanent record. Although private, abortion clinics should be keeping track of abortions, injuries and medical histories. According to a website investigating Tiller, Kansas does not keep records of abortion injuries. This is so dangerous!

Abortion clinics are often one of the hardest places to investigate. Getting an investigation going is time-consuming and tedious. It is good to know that Kansas citizens have stepped up to those vices with their concerns and their concerns have taken voice. They will soon have the answers they deserve of the local abortion clinic in their community.

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