Thursday, November 15, 2007

There Are Starving People In The U.S. Too

In what is mostly a forgotten trend, poverty and hunger as been found to be a trend in America. The U.S. Agriculture Department has published a study that finds 1 in 10 Americans went hungry sometime in 2006. These findings are at the same rate as 2005. That's 35.5 million Americans struggle to eat, or 12.1% of the population. Of those people, 11.1 million reported they had "very low food security," and 12.6 million were children.

These statistics do not include the homeless.

In the age of plenty these people get lost in the land flowing with materialism and greed. The homeless, sick, aging, and poverty-stricken are pushed aside, hidden from us. We rarely see anyone in these circumstances, perhaps because they can hide it better or because we fool ourselves.

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