Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second Look Project Tells the Truth About Abortion and Roe v. Wade

Have you heard of The Second Look Project? This website touts abortion realities and abortion policy education. The group encourages citizens (most of whom are against abortion at an early point) to learn more about the reality of abortion in America in order to better consider Roe v. Wade. Although this blogger doubts state-by-state voting rights on abortion are a right citizens were granted by Founding Fathers, I did learn a [shocking] handful of abortion facts-- the kind that leave a real bad taste in my mouth.

Abortions are rarely done for maternal or fetal health problems, or in
cases of rape or incest.

The U.S. abortion rate is among the highest of all developed countries in the world.

Most abortions are done after the fetal heart has begun beating.

Nearly half of all abortions are performed on women who have had at least one.

There is nothing like a woman's right to chose abortion as her preferred method of birth control, huh? Who has recently been termed "poor-choice advocates" have long been trying to dilute the health risks of abortion to women in order to sell abortions. This somewhat scarier reading should also be taken by up anyone who believes abortion is a grand blink-of-the-eye TV fix for society.

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