Monday, March 17, 2008

Sudan Genocide Wages On

Sudan's Darfur, worse than ever, is still amidst genocide and civil war that often than not don't make headlines in Western media. TIME published a heart-wrenching 23 photographs describing the worsening violence, pillaging, and chaos the area now faces with little to no help whatsoever. Not recognized by world organizations as the crisis it is there is no stability or hope to be found in the country. A corrupt government and oppressive regime led America into the Iraq war, but it is not enough to draw America to action in Sudan's Darfur.

In recent months, western Sudan has witnessed a surge in violence not seen since the early days of the conflict in Darfur. The government and its surrogate, the Arab militias called janjaweed, have laid waste to areas where they claim rebels are in control. As before, the primary victims of the attacks are the defenseless civilians who inhabit the region. (TIME, see link below)

When will someone powerful step in? Do the powerful countries of the world continue to stain their hands with blood as they wait for somebody else to stop this?

TIME photospread: Darfur Descends Into Chaos

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