Thursday, August 7, 2008

E.P.A. Says Oil Goals Are More Important Than Food Costs

Not too many issues make me more ANGRY than the rising price of food. With so many families barely getting by-- especially with through-the-roof gas prices too-- there is no way that rising food prices aren't going hurt the average American. Come on people!
You see, the EPA decided against making less Ethinol despite the damage it is causing the price of grain in the U.S. Although the EPA wants to save the planet, they forget that even though humans EATING may hurt the Earth too, we still have to eat.

The New York Times reports:

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency rejected on Thursday a request to cut the quota for the use of ethanol in cars, concluding, for the time being, that the goal of reducing the nation’s reliance on oil trumps any effect on food prices from making fuel from corn.
I for one am offendede at the complete lack of concern for American families who are struggling to pay the bills and eat. I'm talking about working families with children. What do we have to do around here to eat: Go into the oil business?

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