Friday, February 20, 2009

Will Iran Hold Up 'An Eye For An Eye' In Conviction?

The courts of Iran plan to hold up an "eye for an eye" conviction. You won't believe this story, as I hardly can. Americans seem pretty split on the issue of the death penalty, but most agree that it is reserved for the most morbid and gruesome killers.

However, a woman in Iran-- who lived to take her attacker to court-- wants the man who poured acid on her eyes to be punished the same way. And the court agreed!

Her name is Ameneh Bahrami and she is now blind after a man she was not interested in marrying poured acid on her face. His name is Majid Movahedi and he claims he did it because he "loves" her. Both of these people really need an education in how to treat people!

Bahrami wants Movahedi punished in what CNN called "the ancient punishment of 'an eye for an eye,' and, in accordance with Islamic law, she wants to blind Majid Movahedi, the man who blinded her." A court of law actually honored her request by sentencing him in 2005 and rejecting his appeals since then.

CNN further reports, "Attack victims in Iran usually accept 'blood money': a fine in lieu of harsh punishment. With no insurance and mounting medical bills, Bahrami could've used the cash, but she said no. 'I told the judge I want an eye for an eye,' Bahrami said. 'People like him should be made to feel my suffering.' "

The court decides that Movahedi did in fact commit the crime. They decide it is wrong to pour acid in a person's eyes. Good. We all agree. Oh wait a minute... now the court will do what it just declared "wrong" and "illegal" by punishing the man with drops of acid in his own eyes.

Granted, I pity the poor girl who is now blind. She had every right to take her attacker to court, to seek punishment. But will "an eye for an eye" be true justice?

(Photos from CNN, above: Bahrami before her attack; below: Bahrami after her attack.)


Mouseclone said...

This is a good thing. Set an example. If examples were set all of the time then there would be less examples. Yes, people would test the system. It is only right to take away from someone what they have taken from someone else. Spanking someone on the hand and letting them go like they do in the US is just stupid. If you kill someone then you get death. A few appeals, ok, but after 10 or so it is straight to the gas chamber. Then you would have more tax money to see how fast plants grow in space.

Michelle said...

Hmmm, see, I just don't agree with that. You say it is only "right" to do that... but who says? We actually say it's WRONG to do that.

Barterbabe said...

This is outrageous! I agree with mouseclone the US needs to start implementing an eye for an eye system.

Liane said...

I can't blame the woman. Pain is personal no matter what philosophies we carry and how we view life. I think what the man did to her was gruesome indeed, he must be a vile beast!

For what the woman wants to be done as 'justice', it hardly seems morally right, but it is her decision and she alone will carry what guilt it may or may not bring.

I still believe though that forgiveness is divine! Hope it will not be too late for her to know.

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